“Staying at the party a little bit too long…”: When Jason Bateman Almost Threw His Career Away

“Staying at the party a little bit too long…”: When Jason Bateman Almost Threw His Career Away

Ozark actor Jason Bateman almost threw away his career. The actor was highly appreciated for his role in Ozark, which revolved around the lead character and his family, who move to the Lake of the Ozarks for money laundering. Bateman both directed and acted in the series that lasted four seasons. It is almost difficult to believe the comeback he managed to pull off after nearly running his career.

The comedian gained fame at an early age with roles in Little House on the Prairie, which he joined in the early 80s. The case is common for many celebrities, especially those who gain fame at an early age. In an interview with Guardian, the actor got candid about his rise, fall, and rise again. Bateman was just eleven when his Golden Grahams advertisement came up in the early 80s. However, the quick success was short-lived when the young celebrity started celebrating a bit too much. Baring it all in an interview, Bateman gives us a look back into his dark past.

Jason Bateman on how he almost ruined his career

Bateman in today’s time is popularly known for his performances in Netflix Original series Ozark after his early 2000s comeback in Arrested Development. Although there was a dark patch of drugs that clouded his decision for a long time, his wife and actress Amanda Anka gave him an ultimatum when the “partying” got out of hand. After all, the man was also a father of two daughters and was wasting away his life. “It’s like french fries and ketchup,” he once compared when revealing how a party didn’t feel like a party unless there were drugs involved.

““Having thought, ‘This is really fun,’ and staying at the party a little bit too long, I’d lost my place in line in the business,” Jason said, describing his alcohol abuse phase. Eventually, he joined the AA. However, making a comeback did not prove to be easy or fruitful, and the dry spell lasted till landing on Arrested Development in 2003.

A Fox production, the show got an immediate positive response and won five Grammys. After Fox called quits on it, Netflix picked it up four years later. The series was followed by the indie movie Juno in 2007, which showed the mature acting that Jason is known for. Years later, today, Bateman is known for his genius performance and directorial role in Ozark.

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