‘The Witcher’ Season 3 Setup Might Take a Major Deviation From the Books

‘The Witcher’ Season 3 Setup Might Take a Major Deviation From the Books

The Witcher season 2 finished with the unexpected entrance of The Wild Hunt, who is now hunting Ciri. But if they are to play a larger role in season 3, then the Netflix series will need to make a significant book alteration. The Witcher is a series of books and short tales by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. The books became famous after receiving video game adaptations. The Witcher‘s fan base has grown in recent years as a result of Netflix’s adaptation of Sapkowski’s books, which, while borrowing characters, locales, and themes from Sapkowski’s universe, has also taken many creative liberties in adapting the storylines.

Let’s take a look at what changes we could expect in the newest season of the Netflix Original.

The Witcher season might take a huge turn from the books

The Wild Hunt is a troop of specters who race across the sky on undead horses and are seen as a warning of impending conflict. They were Aen Elle elves from Tir ná Lia who organized a cavalry regiment under the instructions of elf King Auberon Muircetach intending to conquer distant worlds and capture young humanoids to serve as slaves. They did so through the Gate of the Worlds.

The Wild Hunt has been a huge part of The Witcher video games, although they do appear in the novels, albeit in a minor capacity. The Wild Hunt was initially referenced in the book Sword of Destiny and first featured in Time of Contempt, the novel on which the majority of The Witcher season 3 is based. However, as we said before, the Wild Hunt is not an adequate part of Time of Contempt. Still, it is safe to believe that they will play a key part in season 3, implying that the Netflix program will make even more alterations to the original material.

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The Witcher TV series has already varied significantly from the novels, allowing it to become its own entity while being a part of Sapkowski’s universe. Its approach to the Wild Hunt may follow suit. It’s also feasible that the Netflix series may take a slow-burn approach to the Wild Hunt, continuing to lay the groundwork for its arrival.

By the conclusion of The Witcher Season 2, half of the Continent is on the search for Ciri for various reasons. Thus introducing the Wild Hunt makes sense.

What do you guys think about this major deviation from the books? Let us know in the comments.

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