“The thing with the broom” – Will Smith Was Hell-Bent On Revolutionizing This Sport

“The thing with the broom” – Will Smith Was Hell-Bent On Revolutionizing This Sport

Time and again, Will Smith makes sure to remind the fans that he is one of the finest personalities of his era. Ever since he first became a glamorous media talk as Fresh Prince, the new teenage rapper, he has not stopped to amaze the world with his extravagant personality. Be it acting, hosting, or even hanging out on TV shows, the 54-year-old American rapper fills the air with a certain delight and energy.

Talking about TV shows, he once appeared on The Tonight Show during the winter Olympics in 2014 and shared his two cents on ice sports. Now, we do know that the Smiths are no strangers to outings and going on adventures every once in a while. And ice sports is perhaps their subject of expertise. While Will Smith certainly adores skiing in particular, he had a very strong opinion about another ice sport, Curling, and it would make you curl out of laughter.

Will Smith Wanted To Bring massive changes in Curling

Almost eight years from now, when Will Smith had a cult classic following and he did not even foresee the infamous Oscar slap gate, The Pursuit of Happyness actor hung out with Jimmy Fallon at his night show. And before gifting his guest a Smith family t-shirt, both were talking about how Will Smith’s family transitioned from Skiing to Snowboarding. From there on, the Emancipation actor boasted how he could bring gold in “the thing with the broom.”

Not just that, Will Smith even shared how he could revolutionize the sport. According to Smith, “Curling is all about that attitude.” And he could perhaps bring that energy by “mixing of outfits.” He then went on to show what he perceives of the sport. And we have to give this one to him- he certainly brings out the best acting skills.

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Curling in brief for you (through Smith’s lenses)

“Get down there you rock!” While Will Smith would go on to mimic the sports in the most hilarious way possible; it is not as simple as it seems. The Olympics and Paralympics Winter Games see ice skaters team up to put the granite stone in a certain corner hole with what appears like a broomstick. While it is certainly related to bowls, boules, and shuffleboard, you could perceive it as a mixture of hockey and pool games. The only twist here is the ice.

Now that you have some idea about the sport, do you agree with Will Smith? Do let us know in the comments below.

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