Will Smith Goes On “an extraordinary adventure around the world”, ‘Welcome to Earth’ Release Date on National Geographic Revealed

Will Smith Goes On “an extraordinary adventure around the world”, ‘Welcome to Earth’ Release Date on National Geographic Revealed

Everyone is aware of how much a multitalented philanthropist Hollywood A-lister, Will Smith is. Although known for his wide spectrum of top-rated movies, the star takes interest in a whole lot of other side hobbies. All of these include rapping, of course, sports, trekking, and even going on extraordinary adventures around the globe. 

A few hours ago, a Twitter page made some interesting announcements declaring Will Smith’s involvement in an enthralling trip. After continuous shooting schedules and long-stretched work hours, the King Richard star has finally taken a break. And this could not have been more refreshing enough. Read further to know what exactly the Two time Academy Award nominee is up to, post his Emancipation preview. 

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Will Smith to host the second season of Welcome to Earth

Will Smith’s boundless curiosity and enthusiasm brought him to explore the Earth’s delicate mind-bending portals. As reported by Virgin Media, the 54-year-old star is going on an adventurous trip with National Geographic’s Welcome to Earth crew. Elite explorers are all set to guide the star on the awe-inspiring journey around the astonishing hidden wonders of the world. 

Welcome to Earth will premiere on the 16th of November sharp at 9 pm on the NatgeoUK channel. The series is reportedly a Disney+ original that has been continuing since last year. Also to note, this would be the second season of the adventurous journey casting Smith. The filming of the multiparty ambitious odyssey had started earlier during the year. 

Nevertheless, this is not the first time Will Smith will be appearing in such a unique and special tv series. Earlier in 2018, Will Smith appeared in a similar documentary series that explored astrobiology, space, and the undiscovered biomes of the Earth. Brimming with life, the show was called One Strange Rock which cast Will Smith as the star host.

It was another National Geographic original that Smith loved to appear in. Years later, his interest in such unique cosmic and natural areas has not toned down. Instead, could this become a retirement program for the star soon after his career in Hollywood?

How did you like the shows in the past? 

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