Will Smith Writes a Love Letter to Eagles in Fresh Prince Style

Will Smith Writes a Love Letter to Eagles in Fresh Prince Style

Will Smith and his love for Philadelphia Eagles is not news to anyone. Given that this Oscar-winning actor was born on the grounds of the city, it comes naturally to him to support the team that plays for Philly. The best part is, he has recently used a scene from his breakout sitcom Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to praise the team.

The 54-year-old actor recently posted an old clip from the movie where he is reciting a poem. The only catch here is, it captioned it, “My Love letter to the Eagles,” which makes it funny and cute at the same time.

While he expresses his love for his favorite team through the show clip, he compares it to a “river”. Furthermore, he calls it a “summer breeze” which makes his “soul shiver”. The Men in Black actor also compared the look from the team to be more precious than gold.

He received a lot of appreciation from his fans for his creativity. Apparently, the clip was used for two main reasons. The first was the love and respect Smith wanted to give to his favorite team. But another reason could be a bit personal to the Focus star.

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Apart from supporting the Eagles, why did Will Smith post the clip?

The second plausible reason behind posting the video is nothing but promotion. About a year ago, on the same day as the Super Bowl, the reboot of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air called Bel Air was aired. According to Billboard, the role of young Smith was played by Jabari Banks. The show was aired on Peacock and had a total of 10 episodes.

The show focused on the journey of King Richard actor and how he struggled to make his way from Philadelphia to the Bel-Air mansions. And since it has been exactly one year since its release, Smith might be indicating people to watch it. Also, this could be a reminder for people to watch the second season of the show, which will release on February 23.

Sadly, his favorite team lost at the Super Bowl this year. Kansas City Chiefs beat the Philadelphia Eagles, 38-35. Although this defeat won’t dent Smith’s love for the Eagles as he well knows how to learn and rise from the failures in life.

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