The Return of Will Smith in ‘I Am Legend 2’ Becomes More Intriguing With the New Timeline and Retcons

The Return of Will Smith in ‘I Am Legend 2’ Becomes More Intriguing With the New Timeline and Retcons

Fans have recently been questioning the return of Will Smith in the sequel of the post-apocalyptic sci-fi franchise I Am Legend. Back then, the actor had an alternative ending in the first movie, which aroused controversy. The closing scene of the film deviated from the book, where Robert Neville threw himself into a building filled with Darkseekers. Richard Matheson’s novel ended with the character discovering that these heedless monsters were actually reasonable beings and making a pact with them.

So now the creators have decided to follow the original ending of the storyline and move forward with that timeline where he survived and left the city.

I am legend 2 will depict Will Smith differently 

The producer Akiva Goldsman of I Am Legend 2 has hinted that Will Smith will play an older version of the survivor. The sequel will be entirely different from the debut film, which changed the real ending of the storyline. His statement revealed as per Screenrant that the movie will “trace back to the original Matheson book, and the alternate ending as opposed to the released ending in the original film.”

Moreover, the reason behind choosing an alternative ending is that it will give viewers a chance to explore a different version of Neville. In the first film, the scientist was one of the few uninfected men battling with isolation. He executed the merciless killing of the monsters to seek a cure for the illness that ravaged human life.

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However, this time, the character will take a new path after knowing that the Darkseekers are more like humans. Viewers will find that they too have sentiments, family bonds, and intellectual understanding. So ret conning Neville’s sacrifice might turn out well for the franchise this way.

How the new timeline will disconnect the sequel from the original movie? 

I Am Legend 2 is set far away in the future decades after this apocalypse took place. There is a huge difference in the timeline between the original movie and the sequel. This is how the gap will allow this movie to disconnect from the much controversial film which took away the whole essence of the story. 

Meanwhile, for the cast members, we have only got two names including the leading man Will Smith and Michael B. Jordan. With the new storyline, the creators are also likely to get away from the hate they received after the release of the first film. 

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Are you satisfied with the changes creators have made this time? Let us know your views in the comment box!

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