“Really Was an Insult…” – ‘I Am Legend’ Fans Critique the Will Smith Adaptation of the Novel for Its Ending

“Really Was an Insult…” – ‘I Am Legend’ Fans Critique the Will Smith Adaptation of the Novel for Its Ending

Will Smith has given the audience some of the finest films and shows over the span of his career. From the action movie series, Men In Black to Bad Boys For Life, the list of iconic movies by the actor goes on. While most of the films by Smith are well-liked by the audience, some of his movies receive mixed reactions as well. One such movie by the Oscar-winning actor is the 2007 film, I Am Legend.

I Am Legend is amongst the few sci-fi films Smith has been a part of. Adapting any material to a big screen is a daunting task. However, irrespective of it, many artists have dived into such adaptations, including Will Smith. But Smith’s version of the novel received mixed reviews from the fans for a specific reason.

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Fans criticize the Will Smith starrer I Am Legend

The 2007 film I am Legend follows the story of a scientist Robert Neville who is the last human survivor after a plague strikes Manhattan, New York. While the storyline and effects of the films are incredible, the ending of the film divided fans all over the world. As we all know, the film was an adaptation of a 1954 sci-fi novel by Richard Matheson.

However, the version by Will Smith had a different ending than the novel. The film shows Nevill dying from suicide rather than being executed for his crimes. However, the ending received mixed reactions from the fans. Some fans expressed disappointment over the changed ending. Some, on the other hand, added that the scene that touched the ending did not make it to the screens as the creators deleted it. Few others even felt that the movie ending was better for the storyline.


Interestingly it was the third time a movie based on the same sci-fi novel was released. Before I Am Legend, two other films, The Last Man on Earth and The Omega Man had a similar storyline. Notably, all three adaptations of the novel are different from the original novel.

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