“The name doesn’t make any sense”: Director Alberto Mielgo Reveals The Hilarious Story Behind His Love Death + Robots’ Episode Title ‘Jibaro’

“The name doesn’t make any sense”: Director Alberto Mielgo Reveals The Hilarious Story Behind His Love Death + Robots’ Episode Title ‘Jibaro’

World-class series Love Death + Robots introduced its first mind-bending treasure in 2019. This trendy series took roots in the heart of its viewers and continued to entertain people. In the recently launched episode of the series, ‘Jibaro’ was a unique title that interested everyone. So the acclaimed director Alberto Mielgo explained the origin of this stellar name.

‘Jibaro’ in Love Death + Robots

In his interview with CBR, Mielgo stated that he has been a comic fan since childhood. And so far his love for buoyant animations has brought him many awards. However, it was quite grueling for him to design the plot of this episode.

So it was a huge challenge, both for the story and, obviously, visually. Technically, we almost died during this as well,” stated Alberto.

The creation of Jibaro from Love Death + Robots posed many challenges as the theme had complex animations. Including the dance of death, forest scenes, siren’s embedded jewelry, and rushing water. Like Alberto said that this episode was unlike any constant modern projection. Everything was set in the natural landscape, which was a complete motion thing.

After that came the title of this impeccable episode, which he picked from a Spanish character. It was a sudden thought, and he didn’t even know at the time the real source of the sentence, which he calls the funniest part of all. Notably, the title Jibaro did have varied meanings in different cultures. Some explain the term as someone who is savage while some mountainous regions relate it to the small farmers.

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The beautiful landscape has deathly depictions in the episode

The exquisite display of the Jibaro episode required much backstage toiling. But it is all worth it as director Alberto’s dark fairytale has enchanted the audience. A vengeful dancing siren in a deep forest and unforgiving violence was an unprecedented episode in the history of Netflix.

The scream of the siren kills the soldiers while she loses her graceful ornaments in the end. The spectacular symbolism has greatly merged the agony of woman and soldier’s greed in pristine settings. Viewers wishing to have an authentic experience of this surreal representation can catch a glimpse of the Jibaro episode currently streaming only on Netflix.

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