The Meghan and Harry “royal hide and seek” With Prince William and Kate Middleton Continues as Netflix Confirms Their Cast in ‘The Crown’

The Meghan and Harry “royal hide and seek” With Prince William and Kate Middleton Continues as Netflix Confirms Their Cast in ‘The Crown’

Sorrows and joy always come in a bunch whenever they do. For the Duke and Duchess of Sussex Prince Harry and Meghan, it’s currently the former. After receiving a severe backlash from their hometown subjects, followed by Netflix’s blow and little Archie’s close call in the nursery, the ex-royale couple had been sufficiently under the weather to have to pull out of the hardships. There was a high Wall of Silence fencing the just-moved family.

Preceding the discouraging series of events, the ex-royale couple has been holding up things quite privately. Although giving up on royalty and shifting to the US didn’t prove to be very fruitful, the couple hasn’t given up and is still trying to settle down. However, as usual, they are back in the spotlight as they plan a visit back home, London. Yet again, this news came with a bunch of remarks on the couple and the family as a whole.

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Prince Harry and Meghan face wary comments as they plan their visit

According to reports, the Sussex couple is reportedly planning a short visit to London for charity purposes, anytime this week. They recently came back to the cameras and announced that they, “are delighted to visit with several charities close to their hearts in early September.” The couple will travel to Manchester, England, for the One Young World Summit on Sept. 5, Germany for the Invictus Games “One Year to Go” on Sept. 6, and then London for the Well Child Awards on September 8.

This would be their first visit to the U.K ever since The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee which took place in June. However, Media Houses again remarked this with wary comments for no reason. For instance, author Christopher Anderson told the US Weekly, “It’s going to be interesting… and they’re gonna be playing royal hide and seek.

Despite both the families living just minutes apart from one another, the Cambridges and the Sussexes “have no plans to meet up” he added. The Cambridges are instead “trying to avoid” the Sussexes, he says. This came as a direct attack on theirs and Prince William and Duchess Kate and fragile relations in the present times. Especially when, Prince William and Kate Middleton have been cast in the Netflix show The Crown. This might cause a greater dejection to the already crumbled Sussexes.

Sources read that they are also warned against their UK return as they believe they’re heading into danger. However, ignoring the social media ballyhoo they should, the couple has decided to strive forward. The Duchess of Sussex has worked with the charity since 2014, previously attending the opening ceremony in London in 2019. She and Harry, 37, also held a discussion for gender equality activists at Windsor Castle ahead of their 2020 royal exit. Let’s wait and watch how the visit this time turns out to be.

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