“It was very embarrassing”: Harry And Meghan Might be More Cautious To Avoid Any “ridicule” In The Future

“It was very embarrassing”: Harry And Meghan Might be More Cautious To Avoid Any “ridicule” In The Future

Recently, things haven’t gone down so well along The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Harry and Meghan gave up their royal life and shifted to the USA owing to the hardships that the couple was facing. The once royal couple is now severely disliked by their subjects back in the UK. Having had to face the Queen’s wrath and a hazardous incident on baby Archie, the couple has already gone through a lot.

In addition to that, as if it wasn’t enough, the couple faced another hit by the American streaming giant. It came following the consecutive damp squibs for their anticipated projects that they had signed with Netflix.

Wondering about the wall of silence over the same? Here’s why.

Prince Harry and Meghan take a strong blow as Netflix hits them quite hard

Right after quitting the Royalty, ‘Harkles’ had signed some individual as well as joint projects with world-renowned platforms like Netflix and Spotify. They had gotten into a contract of around £84million with the streamer in 2020.  Apparently, it would have thrown light on their personal lives as Royalty. However, unfortunately, nothing of such sort happened as the streamer decided to cut its ties with the multi-million couple. It was still manageable for the Sussexes as they had Meghan’s animated TV series “Pearl” which was still in the works. But just when it couldn’t get any worse, Netflix recently gave a bullet to her much-vaulted series, leaving the couple in a fit of ridicule.

The docuseries supposedly was about Meghan herself as a child and her past stories of life. Earlier in the year, they had also announced a podcast with Spotify called ‘Archetypes’ which also saw no further development. The deals they signed were lucrative enough and were hence, not much appealing to the people of the United Kingdom. Many didn’t like the idea of them simply rubbing highly uncertain works off everyone’s faces. This was confirmed by the Royal expert, Neil Sean on his YouTube channel. He said all of it was a bit too “embarrassing” for the couple to handle at once.

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The reason that Netflix gave for the cancellation was that it simply didn’t match their remit. With all the heavy backlash, little hope remains as Harry is doing a documentary on the Invictus Games. This would be his second doc as he was the first one was The Me You Cannot see.

Why didn’t the couple get the success they sought?

One of the many mistakes the couple committed was slamming their forthcoming projects. Harry and Meghan did a worldwide interview with the most famous interview of all, Oprah.

It was technically all about themselves and how awful, racist, and oppressive the Royal family was to them. Also, announcing a project a year before it’s even started only leads to boredom and distaste from the viewers. People waited for updates on the Archwell website but to everyone’s disappointment, nothing is going to be added to it anymore as of now.

Learning a lesson from the catastrophic chain of events, the ex-royal duo has now decided to be less frisky about their works until confirmed. But on the other hand, keeping the world awaited until projects are 100% done isn’t going to help anyway either. “I do not wish it I’m simply saying ‘cause that’s how the television industry works,” said Neil, standing in the very heart of London.

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