The Lesser Known Music Career of Ryan Gosling That Earned Him the Nickname, Baby Goose

The Lesser Known Music Career of Ryan Gosling That Earned Him the Nickname, Baby Goose

Over the years, we have witnessed a number of celebrities going all in, adding new endeavors to their multi-hyphenate titles. From Ryan Reynolds to Kim Kardashian, the list of Hollywood stars with successful careers beyond Hollywood goes on. However, Reynolds is not the only Ryan who has a lot to offer to the audience apart from his acting skills. Ryan Gosling has a hidden career up his sleeve too.

The list of popular and established actors in Hollywood is incomplete without Ryan Gosling. The Ides Of March actor is amongst one of the most renowned stars in the industry today. Coming from humble beginnings, Gosling stunned everyone with his undisputed run of success. But not long before he made it big in Hollywood, the actor had a less popular career as a singer too.

Ryan Gosling had a music band of his own

Ryan Gosling made his debut in Hollywood at a very young age. While The Gray Man star worked his way to stardom in Hollywood, he was experimenting with music as well. Even though the actor made his mark in acting with The Notebook, Gosling formed a music band alongside his friend Zach Shields. As per BuzzFeed, the band even had a peculiar name, Dead Man’s Bones. Interestingly, while we know him for his films, many in the music industry knew him by the name “Baby Goose.”

Dead Man’s Bones, however, had a short-lived career in the music industry. Gosling alongside Shields only released one album in 2009 in collaboration with Silverlake Conservatory Children’s Choir. Apparently, the duo even did small tours around the United States. Sadly, the duo never reunited for another album.

Music never left Gosling’s career

Even after leaving music behind, the actor has experimented with music in his films as well. Gosling’s hit film La La Land also featured a duet of Gosling and Emma Stone. In his 2010 film Blue Valentine, the Canadian actor even played ukulele and even sang a song by the Mills Brothers.

Today, Gosling has come a long way from his career in music and is a well-established actor. He is now gearing up for his film, Barbie, alongside Margot Robbie. As per Collider, Gosling is also all set to star in an upcoming drama The Fall Guy. Meanwhile, the rumors of Gosling making his MCU debut are also making the rounds.

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