The Internet Is Divided as RapTV Ranks Kanye West’s Top Produced Songs, Leaving Out Major Titles Out of It

The Internet Is Divided as RapTV Ranks Kanye West’s Top Produced Songs, Leaving Out Major Titles Out of It

Fans of Kanye West can’t decide which one of his songs is the best. The ‘Donda’ singer had established himself as a successful musician a long time ago. With so many variations, collaborations, and themes, everyone has a separate opinion of what his best piece of work could be.

The Grammy Award singer has collaborated with many artists throughout his career. Not only by singing the songs, but also by producing or co-producing them. Recently, RapTv uploaded a list of the top 5 famous songs produced by Ye. This list included ‘Find Your Love’ by Drake, Lil Nas X’s ‘Industry Baby’, ‘I don’t FW You by Big Sean’, ‘B*tch Better Have My Money’ by Rihanna, ‘Tell Your Friends’ by Weeknd.

RapTv then asked fans to reveal what their favorite from this list is. But instead, fans were in disagreement with the list and had their own suggestions for songs of his that deserve to be on the top list. Now, Ye has produced over 200 songs for fellow artists, which makes it quite a long list.

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While the factors for choosing these particular songs are unknown, fans argued as to why it’s inaccurate and gave their own suggestions.

Fans put in their own opinions on the list of top songs produced by Kanye West

Kanye West has helped a lot of artists to produce some big hits in their careers. But every fan has their opinion of which ones are worth mentioning. One fan agreed that his favorite was the Big Sean released in 2015 from the album ‘Dark Sky Paradise’, but another fan corrected how the song is not actually produced by Ye. Then there were fans who completely uprooted the list and replaced it with other songs.

One fan pointed out how none of West’s songs that made it to the Top 100 Billboard are mentioned in this list. Other fans pointed to songs like Drake’s ‘Feel no Ways’, ‘Overnight Celebrity’, ‘Run This Town’, ‘Wouldn’t Get Far’. etc.

In fact, before breaking in as a musician, Ye was the go-to person for producing music. Jay-Z was actually one of his regular clients. But despite the success, Ye wanted to be seen as a hip-hop artist and continued on that path.

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Which Kanye West-produced songs do you think deserve to be in the top 5 list? Comment your thoughts.

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