Is Kanye West Going to Face Another Lawsuit? Donda 2 Producer Claims He Hasn’t Gotten a Single Penny From the Rapper

Is Kanye West Going to Face Another Lawsuit? Donda 2 Producer Claims He Hasn’t Gotten a Single Penny From the Rapper

Kanye West is already dealing with a lot now. After losing contracts with top brands like GAP, Balenciaga, and Adidas, the rapper has been hit hard. He is not raking in billions like he used to. In fact, it was recently reported that he has slipped down the billionaire ranks and has entered the millionaire list.

Of course, he is still a pretty rich man, but he needs to sort out payments to people who worked under him real fast. Else, he may have another lawsuit on his hands! Recently, a producer claimed that he still has not received any payment from the Donda rapper. So what is the whole story?

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Kanye West is yet to pay royalties to producer ATL Jacob 

Apparently, ATL Jacob worked on the Donda West 2 album with West. He contributed to Keep It Burning, Pablo, and Louie Bags. Although it was a meaningful experience for the newbie producer, he has not received any royalties for his hard work yet. He revealed this information during an interview with VladTV. He further revealed that people who purchased the album on Stem did not get the entire album. The tracks on the album were unfinished demos.

West is already fighting a lawsuit with KRS-One’s Boogie Down Productions over the release of the album. The rapper had made the album exclusive to his own Stem player. But this is not his first brush with the law. His manager had previously sued him for $4.5 million for firing him and not paying him his due. More recently, George Floyd‘s family sued him for $250 million for defamation. The father of four had claimed that Floyd died of an overdose when, in fact, he was killed. 

Last but not the least, the songwriter had to pay several thousand dollars as a settlement to his former employees. All of whom had sued him for mistreatment at work and unjust sacking, for example, getting fired over playing Drake.

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Do you think Kanye West will pay off Jacob before things escalate?

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