The Forbidden Kiss on ‘Stranger Things’ You Have All Been Waiting for Since Season 1

The Forbidden Kiss on ‘Stranger Things’ You Have All Been Waiting for Since Season 1

Damn Enzo and Murray for interrupting Hopper and Joyce’s kiss! After spending nearly a season trying to deny their feelings and not giving their relationship a chance, the two finally decide to give in, in Stranger Things season 4 only to get interrupted. Granted that their choice of place to make out wasn’t exactly the best but fans ate that scene up. The Duffers must give them a proper date in the last season of the show or fans are going to riot!

Jopper happens for real in Stranger Things season 4

The two had been friends for a long time, but it wasn’t until Stranger Things season 3 that Hopper started to act on his feelings. The two had started to bond after Will’s disappearance in season 1. Their bond grew deeper as they became an unlikely team to save their kids from the dangers of the Upside Down and the claws of the Hawkin’s lab. But Hopper was too damaged to start a proper relationship with Joyce in the previous seasons. He was still processing his daughter’s loss and his divorce from his previous wife. He had become disillusioned. 

Their ship came to a heartbreaking end when Hopper sacrificed himself at the end of season 3, but fans held on to their hope that Hopper was alive. And surely, he was alive but in a Russian prison camp. It wasn’t until he became a prisoner that he became a changed man. He longed for a family and Joyce. 

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Meanwhile, Joyce was also grieving his loss but a cryptic message led her to recruit Murray for a Save Hopper Mission. When she finally met the scrawny, tortured not to mention bald, Hopper in the prison, the two couldn’t keep their hands to each other. While talking about food and their date, the two embraced and the Jopper fans cheered.

Well, this was as much of a win for the shippers as it was for David Harbour (Hopper) who had a massive crush on co-star Winona Ryder (Joyce)!

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