‘The Cuphead Show!’ On Netflix: The Voice Actors That Brought Cartoons to Life

‘The Cuphead Show!’ On Netflix: The Voice Actors That Brought Cartoons to Life

Netflix came out with a rather fresh show this week in the form of The Cuphead Show! Following the titular adventures of Cuphead and Mugman, the show gives us a lot to laugh about. Sure, a lot of it came through the nostalgia-like animations of the show, but the voice actors are equally brilliant in their work. Let’s look at some voices that made our experiences of the Netflix show memorable.

Now, this is no surprise that the show itself is based on a popular video game, The Cuphead. While the game provides a lot of visuals to take inspiration from, there is no presence of voices in the game. Hence, a lot of the voice interpretation was done by the team on their own. Netflix Geeked recently shared a video clip on Twitter where these cast members talk about the characters they voice.

Netflix series The Cuphead Show! voice actors and their insights into the characters

First, we have the lead character of the show, Cuphead. A rather outspoken, outgoing, fearless, and forever-on-his-feet guy, voiced by the very talented Tru Valentino. As described by Tru himself, “he does everything at like a 100 miles per hour.” Cuphead is a character who never really thinks before speaking—he is wise and mumbles out words at a really fast pace. And truth be told, Valentino did it perfectly. As described by Dave Wasson, “Cuphead acts first and asks questions never.”

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Frank Todaro voices Cuphead’s more wise brother, Mugman in The Cuphead Show!. As described by Todaro himself, “Mugman is the more cautious one and does love adventure but usually just tries to make sure they stay alive.Lou Costello was said to be an inspiration behind Mugman’s voice, and you can clearly witness it while watching the show.

We also have Joe Hanna voicing Elder Kettle, who is the caretaker of the brother duo, and also is a father figure to them. And running after the soul of Cuphead, we got the Devil himself, voiced by the very exquisite, Luke Millington-Drake. “The Devil will run himself into the ground, to get their souls,” says Luke. “The poor guy.

You hop onto Netflix and streamstream The Cuphead Show! and let us know who your favorite character is.


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