The Cuphead Show! on Netflix: How Moldenhauers’ Breadcrumbs Helped to Shape Up the Show

The Cuphead Show! on Netflix: How Moldenhauers’ Breadcrumbs Helped to Shape Up the Show

The wait is finally over as Netflix is finally here with The Cuphead Show! For the generation that devoured the golden age cartoons from the 20th century, this show at times presents a similar-esque, thus making us fall for the beauty of it. The show as a concept is something that will definitely annoy Plato. Why? Because the creators removed the show from reality four times.

We’ll explain: the show is based on a video game that first came out in 2017. But the game itself takes inspiration from cartoon characters which were created in the 1930s, and as Plato told us any creation of art is already twice removed from reality. In short, Plato won’t appreciate this show, but you definitely can, as it is indeed a great watch. The show’s creator and Art Director recently sat down to talk about how they brought Netflix‘s The Cuphead Show! into existence.

The initial stages and the lack of source material for Netflix animated series The Cuphead Show!

While talking to Comicbook about the initial stages of the show, creator Dave Wasson and Art Director Andrea Fernandez both expressed the sheer love they had for the video game. Wasson spoke about how he was completely baffled by the 1930 accurate animations in the game. The same goes for Adrea. She talked about how she would watch gameplay videos while doing other work. That was because she had this liking she had towards the sounds of the game. None of them ever thought that there will be a show based on the video game, but here we are.

While talking about how she got into the show, Andrea said, “So then I heard Netflix was looking to make the show. Dave was already on it. But I had no idea who was on it, or how much of a reality it was. And then, at some point, somebody gave me the hot tip that Dave was actually producing The Cuphead Show!, and I was just like, ‘Let me in.'”

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Another special thing about The Cuphead Show! on Netflix is that unlike many other shows based on games, it has very little source material to follow. For example, The Witcher has enough source material to make you feel overwhelmed, but that is not the case with this Netflix original. They sure had some sense of the mythology associated with the show, but none of the characters had any actual personality. Hence, a lot of it comes from the writers’ table.

…So I feel like I always say the Moldenhauers dropped these breadcrumbs for us. We knew that the Cups were brothers. We knew that they lived with their Elder Kettle in the woods. And so we wanted to stay true to as much of the mythology that was already there, we wanted to stick with, but we got to create characters, and give them real personalities, and cast the voices. That was super fun to do.” Dave Wasson said about the creative processes that went into the show.

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