‘The Boys’ Puts Marvel’s Disney+ Shows to Grave as the Amazon Prime Show Emerges Victorious From 2022

‘The Boys’ Puts Marvel’s Disney+ Shows to Grave as the Amazon Prime Show Emerges Victorious From 2022

The Boys have managed to race ahead. With the rise of OTT, a new series is launched every season. Only a few survive in this tough competition, out of which the best ones manage to top the viewership charts. The world of comics seems to have managed to reach a large number of people, and big stars as cast members only help it further.

The idea of Superhero movies usually is to show heroes saving lives, but The Boys managed to show what happens after the ending of such movies. Not only Netflix, but it has also even managed to lead more than Marvel shows on Amazon Prime.

How The Boys topped the viewership list, putting the Disney+ Marvel show behind

Marvel is leading with Superheroes on the big screen. Amazon Prime has its own league that is topping the OTT. As per Comic Book Resources on Twitter, The Boys has become the most-watched superhero series of 2022, beating all the shows, including the Marvel ones. The Boys first released in 2019 and has released a total of 3 seasons so far.

The mix of action and violence mixed with the perfect pinch of comedy has managed to earn a large fan base within a short period. As per Neilsen Streaming Raknings, the show is placed in the second number just after Netflix’s Stranger Things. 

Marvel’s last hit show was WandaVision in 2021, which got 7.3 billion minutes, and they have been struggling to stay on top since then. The Boys, on the other hand, have garnered 10.6 billion views, helping Amazon Prime’s success as well. The show came 11th in the most-watched series of 2022. Fans feel that the interesting plot is what has kept it fun, amongst loads of other superhero movies.

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Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight, and She-Hulk are some of the new releases by Marvel but have not gained a massive fan following despite good reviews. The addition of Supernatural actor Jenson Ackles in Season has only added to the show’s charm. Season 4 of the series is said to be in its production stage now. It is to see how Marvel competes to please fans now.

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