The Internet Showers Homelander Memes as Cosplayer Brings to Life a Beloved ‘The Boys’ Character

The Internet Showers Homelander Memes as Cosplayer Brings to Life a Beloved ‘The Boys’ Character

Amazon’s subversive smash hit The Boys has always inspired fans to showcase their talents in the most hilarious and remarkable ways. From creating an imaginary trailer for the upcoming season to dressing up like the character, fans always bring out the best of things. In praise of another such art, the internet showers Homelander memes as a cosplayer bring to life this beloved character.

For those of you who haven’t watched it, Homelander is the most mesmeric character of this satirical superhero series. Played by Anthony Starr, this unhinged narcissist is worshipped by the huge fandom garnered through three seasons. And it turns out that the fever is going high as a perfect cosplay gender-swapping this extremely powerful leader of the Seven.

A female cosplayer melts down the internet embodying The Boys character

A cosplayer named Abby, with the Twitter, handle @abbykcosplays, posted a photo of herself on January 25. The digital creator created a female version of the main antagonist of The Boys named Homelander. She captioned the post teasing the actor, “somebody go tell Homelander to square up.” 

Moreover, the costume features all the elements of a superhero outfit, from a white bodysuit sparked with golden linings to gloves and long boots. Indeed, the cosplayer looked amazing in the suit, posing powerfully just like our Wonder Woman. This cosplay has received huge attention on the internet, racking up more than 300k views and 1044 likes.

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Also, if you visit the Instagram page of the cosplayer, you can get a closer look at the whole look. “Shooting downtown to capture the vibes of The Boys was especially fun and I’m definitely planning on more superhero cosplays in 2023,” said the caption.

The Boys fans are losing their minds over this reimagined version of Homelander. They have flooded the comment section with Homelander memes and GIFs. At the same time, many are praising the lady for her muscular body that suited well for the superhero cosplay.

Do you like this artistic incarnation of the fan-favorite character? Would you like to see a female version of Homelander in the show? Drop your comments below!

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