“That’s copyright”-Fans Call Out Nike’s Latest Slides for Duping Kanye West’s Designs

“That’s copyright”-Fans Call Out Nike’s Latest Slides for Duping Kanye West’s Designs

Kanye West may not be working with brands anymore, but the brands are not done with him. The Gold Digger singer while being known for his songs, made his empire of wealth more from his designs. He even interned for Fendi during his younger days along with his late friend Virgil Abloh.

Ye managed to become the first non-sport celebrity to successfully collaborate with a sports brand and make it big. He made millions while Adidas made billions out of the deal. However, eventually, that fell apart due to Ye’s controversies. Now, competitor Nike has released their range of slides and fans are calling them out for being a bit too similar to Yeezy’s.

Fans are calling out Nike for making Kanye West-inspired slides

Yeezy is one of the most sought-after collections in the market. But the collaborator Kanye West is no longer working with Adidas, after their split due to his anti-semitic comments. Thereafter, the brand, which owns the rights, decided to continue selling the shoes without him. As of now, even Nike has released the look of their new slippers, and the design seems to remind fans of the brand. The slides are to be priced at $50, although a release date for them is yet to be confirmed. Rav took to Instagram to post the first look of the ‘calm slippers’.

However, people in the comments were anything but calm about them. The caption said,First look at Nike’s ‘Calm Slides.’ Y’all Rockin with it or nah⁉️Almost all the comments were about nothing but how similar they are to Kanye West’s Yeezy’s. 

That’s copyright,” claimed Dillondanis.

One took a dig at the brand stating, “…can copy just change it up a bit“.

One even twisted the name Yeezys and called the Nike slides Neezys.

The sports brand is being called out big time for copying Ye’s creation, without even trying to make much difference to it. It is to be seen whether Ye or Adidas raises questions about the stark similar slides. Meanwhile, West himself is trying to set up his own brand and sell all products for $20 to make fashion accessible to everyone.

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Do you think the Nike slides look too similar to Ye’s Yeezys or are they different? Comment your thought.

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