Kanye West Sets on Another Torpedo in an Interview Making Wild Comparisons Between Holocaust and P*rn

Kanye West Sets on Another Torpedo in an Interview Making Wild Comparisons Between Holocaust and P*rn

Kanye West is continuing his anti-Semitic rant. The singer came under heavy fire for tweeting, “Deathcon 3 to Jewish people.” It led to his contract discontinuation from fashion brands like Adidas. But that has not kept him from defending his opinions and doubling down on them. The rapper is either active on social media or gives interviews to send his message across.

The Praise God singer who is a candidate for Presidential elections has offended a lot of people with his point of view. He recently appeared in an interview with Alex Jones as well as right-leaning political groups like The Proud Boys. The group’s founder Gavin McInnes said that he intended to help Ye prevent his antisemitic narrative with the interview, but the opposite seems to have happened.

What did Kanye West say during the interview about Hitler and Semitism?

Ye is far from done with his antisemitic narrative. After the highly controversial interview with Alex Jones, he spoke to Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes about his thoughts on Hitler and the holocaust. As per reports, he even compared the horrific atrocities to p*rn in America. On the Censored.TV platform, “there is a collusion of Jewish attorneys and managers and everything else you can think of who give America porn.” He drew a comparison between pornography and the “gas chamber” used during the holocaust, concluding how both things are used to “dumb us down.

Dragging former wife Kim Kardashian into the argument, he said that she is being used to promote pornography by the industry and claimed that it destroyed his family. Ye thereon went on to praise Hitler and defended his reputation by stating, “some of the information surrounding Nazi Germany is incorrect and that the Holocaust is not the only Holocaust.” Another comparison he made of the holocaust was with the modern-day choice of abortion.

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The Presidential Candidate does not seem to be bothered by the effect that his statements could have. In fact, he thinks that it would only help him. How do you feel about his opinions? Comment your thoughts.

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