“That was so full of s**t,” – Ryan Reynolds Once Looked Back at When He Set Up Unrealistic Body Goals for Himself in Front of David S. Goyer

“That was so full of s**t,” – Ryan Reynolds Once Looked Back at When He Set Up Unrealistic Body Goals for Himself in Front of David S. Goyer

Those who think that Ryan Reynolds stepped into the superhero world in 2011 with the debacle that Green Lantern proved to be, are in for a surprise. Long before he brought to Marvel their first PG-rated movie, the actor brought much-needed humor to Marvel’s Blade: Trinity. The movie starring as Wesley Snipes as Blade features Ryan Reynolds as Hannibal King. Albeit not the superhero, Reynolds grabbed the viewers’ attention with his chiseled physique.

The actor’s six-pack abs were the talk of the town when the movie was released. While Reynolds was ye to play a mercenary with no brain-to-mouth filter, then, the actor was honest nonetheless. A 2004 interview where the actor talks about the hurdles of attaining the tempting six-pack abs that the viewers witnessed shows how Reynolds was way ahead of his time in recognizing toxic body standards.

Ryan Reynolds on shedding blood, sweat, and tears for Blade: Trinity body

While the actor is in his late 40s now, close to half a century, Ryan Reynolds’ movies prove that he is in peak shape. As Deadpool 3 release date approaches and many shirtless Hugh Jackman scenes are guaranteed, now is the best time to read what Reynolds had to say about his six-pack abs in a 2004 interview.

Ryan Reynolds as Hannibal King in Blade: Trinity
Credits: Imago

When asked if he still had those six-pack abs, the actor was not shy about denying that he had only one left. The actor further opened up about how he was asked by David S.Goyer to achieve the body and the actor had said yes. “That was so full of s**t. I didn’t know if I could do that,” Reynolds said during a 2004 interview with MovieWeb.

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At the end of the day, Reynolds did push himself to the extreme and put on twenty pounds, along with a supposed four-hour workout session daily followed by a 15-hour shoot, which he admits was a workout in itself. The actor made it clear that he does not follow anything that extreme in his daily life and if he weren’t being paid a couple of millions for it, he would be sans six-packs forever.

Does Reynolds have six packs in Deadpool 3?

Ever since witnessing his toned physique, fans have been on a hunt for movies that feature a shirtless Ryan Reynolds. So much so that a few flop movies became popular because of shirtless Reynolds.

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A prime example is The Amityville Horror in 2005. While it is tough to say considering the movie has not been released yet, given how he bared his bottoms in a teaser for Deadpool 2, being shirtless will not be a hard feat to achieve in the third installment.

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