“That was my signature stroke” – When Sadie Sink Couldn’t Stop Talking About Her Love for Swimming

“That was my signature stroke” – When Sadie Sink Couldn’t Stop Talking About Her Love for Swimming

Before Stranger Things hit the screens, Sadie Sink was an unknown star. She joined the cast in the second installment and quickly became one of the gang members. Since then, she has become a key part of the series. The creators even gave her character some due spotlight in the fourth season where she demonstrated some high-caliber acting.

Sink has often stressed how much she enjoys acting. When she graduated from school, she was glad that she could focus on her craft entirely instead of worrying about her homework or school hours. You would think that acting was her first love. But as it turns out, the actress has quite the liking for sports too. 

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Sadie Sink thought she was skilled enough to join an entry level swimming team

In an interview that took place in 2020, the redhead revealed her love of swimming. Apart from acting chops, the actress has quite the talent in the pool as well. She was a swimmer when she was younger and backstroke was her signature stroke. Her mom was not quite convinced about her swimming capability, but she proved her wrong, so she took her to a pool and asked her to swim. Sadie Sink even wanted to try out for a swim team, although she was humble enough to admit that her skills were only up to the level of a 3rd grader.

“I wanna be in a swim team. Need to find an entry level swim team in the New Jersey area. Backstroke was my signature stroke,” she said. 

But it seems like she is focusing on her acting career now. Right after the Duffer brothers show winded down, she announced her project, The Whale starring Branden Fraser. She plays Fraser’s estranged 17-year-old teenage daughter. Brandon is trying to reconnect with her while he deals with his obesity. Meanwhile, Sink will return to Stranger Things again in its last installment, but before that, you can catch her on Dear Zoe

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Did you know about Sadie’s wish to join a swim team? 

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