Terminator Director James Cameron Once Called Arnold Schwarzenegger “embodiment of the Superior Man”

Terminator Director James Cameron Once Called Arnold Schwarzenegger “embodiment of the Superior Man”

It’s no secret Arnold Schwarzenegger is considered one of the most versatile celebrities in Hollywood. Actor, governor, businessman, socialist, and producer, there is probably nothing that this man has left unexplored. And it wouldn’t be wrong to say that he is a rare talent that the industry was gifted with in the late 1980s.

We all know the action superstar entered the television world leading into the iconic Terminator series. Working on successful projects with James Cameron for over three decades, the Predator alum solidified his place in the annals of pop culture. Remember when his favorite director praised Arnold for his physical presence, acting skills, and charisma?

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James Cameron once applauded Arnold Schwarzenegger for his performances 

About two decades ago, James Cameron spoke highly of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Rolling Stone cover story. The filmmaker called the American actor a role model for this generation as his physical presence fills the room with energy. “Arnold is the embodiment of the Superior Man. Arnold is the Nietzschean man. There’s something wonderfully primeval about him,” explained the director.


Moreover, the True Lies creator revealed how the Kindergarten Cop is a man of action and would never take roles where he just needs to sit. According to him, the Austrian native is very decisive about his choice and knows what he wants to do. Being an athlete, it is clear that the foundation of the Terminator star is strength and willfulness to do things the right way.

James and Arnold have had a close professional relationship over the years, starting with the first Terminator film in 1984. Do you know that the 68-year-old star refused to do work on this legendary franchise without Arnold Schwarzenegger?

In his recent interview with Chris Wallace, the Avatar director shot down all the rumors that O. J. Simpson was originally considered for the lead role. “I said, ‘Well, no, I’m not.’ He said, ‘Are you sitting? O.J. Simpson for the Terminator!’ I said, ‘I actually think that’s a bad idea.’ It didn’t go anywhere,” revealed Cameron. He said that one of the funding parties did propose the idea, but he instantly denied it.

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