“Back to gym..” Joseph Baena Shares This Unique Advice That Father Arnold Schwarzenegger Gave Him About Acting

“Back to gym..” Joseph Baena Shares This Unique Advice That Father Arnold Schwarzenegger Gave Him About Acting

Arnold Schwarzenegger can give advice not only about bodybuilding but also about acting. No one appreciates it better than his son, Joseph Baena. He is one of the five children that the Terminator actor has. The actor had an affair with his housekeeper, out of which Baena was born. Although the 25-year-old son kept his mother’s last name, he maintains a good relationship with both his parents.

The actor has certainly taken after his father, as he also maintains a healthy lifestyle and is exploring his acting skills. During an interview, he got candid discussing the one special piece of advice that his father gave him.

Arnold Schwarzenegger gave his son Joseph Baena this one crucial piece of advice

It is not only their muscles that got Schwarzenegger his roles in the movie; it was also his acting skills. As per Hola, Baena was attending the premiere of 80 for Brady, and he shared how his father gave him quite some useful advice when it comes to acting. The Sabotage actor connected acting to working out and said that repetition is necessary, whether building muscles or learning dialogues.

“It’s all about doing the repetition of that” is the main advice that his father gave him. Baena works in real estate and as a DJ but has also shown his interest in acting. In fact, for him, acting remains a number one priority. He is willing to climb up the ladder and lead in the movies, just like his father.

So far, Baena has worked on projects like Chariot, Bully High, Encounters, Lava, etc. He also participated in the reality talent show Dancing with the Stars. He also appeared on the cover of Men’s Health Magazine, wherein he opened up about the bond shared with his father. Schwarzenegger was still married to Maria Shriver when he fathered Baena with another woman.

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He met his half-brother and actor Patrick Schwarzenegger in the last couple of years for the first time. While his brother has already got some big roles, Baena is also working on a big project called Firecracker Jack. It remains to be seen how the son continues his father’s legacy in the entertainment industry.

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