“Tell anyone and you’re..” – Mindy Kaling Once Claimed to Have Forcibly Kissed Her Co-star and Threatened to Fire Anyone Who Would Leak It

“Tell anyone and you’re..” – Mindy Kaling Once Claimed to Have Forcibly Kissed Her Co-star and Threatened to Fire Anyone Who Would Leak It

Actors often are required to get intimate on set. While they are just doing their job, it’s important to ensure that both parties involved in the scene are comfortable with each other. To ensure that none feels uncomfortable or taken advantage of, producers hire intimacy coordinators. They set boundaries that help the actors feel at ease. However, sometimes actors can abuse their power and ignore the boundaries like Mindy Kaling did!

Kaling is one of the most popular faces on TV. The Indian American actress first shot to fame with her role in The Office. The budding comic soon got her own show, The Mindy Project, which ran for multiple seasons. But her reputation was smeared when she revealed some of her past actions.

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Mindy Kaling improvised her kissing scene with Lee Pace much to his surprise

While guesting on the Conan O’Brien show in 2016, the mother of two revealed that she had once forcibly kissed her co-star. The kiss between her and guest star Lee Pace was not in the script. But Mindy Kaling decided to plant her lips on him anyway.  “He was just looming above me, and he asked me a question; I was not listening to him at all because who cares what he was saying, and I was just like ‘mhmm, mhmm,’ [and kissed him],” she revealed.

After the scene was over, she walked off backstage, pretending it was not a big deal. However, the two producer writers backstage told her that she could get sued for her actions. All she could do at that moment was threaten them with their jobs. Since she was the show’s producer and creator, she told them, “Tell anyone, and you’re fired.”

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The Office actress was guilty of doing this twice. Back in 2012, she narrated a story when she ignored the boundaries set by the intimacy coordinators. She used her tongue while kissing, knowing that it was borderline sexual harassment. But the actress was unbothered since she was the boss and could break the rules. Currently, she is facing flak for her role in Velma.

Do you think repeatedly improvising intimate scenes without keeping your co-star in the loop was a good call?


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