“Self-inserts as Velma…” – Fans Lash Out on Mindy Kaling for Stereotyping South Asian Characters and Dead Humor in ‘Velma’

“Self-inserts as Velma…” – Fans Lash Out on Mindy Kaling for Stereotyping South Asian Characters and Dead Humor in ‘Velma’

Mindy Kaling as we know her from the famous sitcom, The Office, as Kelly Kapoor. The actress gained wide recognition from the sitcom for which she also served as a writer, executive producer, and director. She also appeared in the comedy series titled The Mindy Project. Along with these shows, the actress featured in some films as well. However, currently, she has become a target on the internet for her recent contribution to the show, Velma.

Velma is an American mystery horror comedy show. The show is based on the character named Velma Dinkley from the fan-favorite franchise, Scooby-Doo. While the show revolves around Velma Dinkley, Kaling has given voice to the character. She has also served as the executive producer for the show. When the show was announced, fans didn’t really have high hopes. And now, as the show landed, they seemed to be right. Here is the reason for fans calling out The Office star.

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Fans express rage for Mindy Kaling as Velma landed

The American actress has been involved in many shows and films. Throughout her career, she has portrayed and created many characters with unique qualities. However, recently, the release of Velma made her the target for stereotyping South Asian characters and dead humor. Before this show, the No Strings Attached actress produced a Netflix Original show, Never Have I Ever. The show also portrayed the South Indian family stereotypically. Some fans called her out then as well. Meanwhile, this time, the majority of them lashed out at the actress for her duality and the show not being funny.

While these users were calling out Kaling, some of them also criticized Charlie Grandy, who is the creator of the show.

These users also remembered the actress kissing Lee Pace without his consent.

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While the internet is lashing out aggressively at the show and the actress as well, what do you have to say about it? Have you watched it yet? If not, you can stream Velma on HBO Max.

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