Sydney Sweeney Talks “Italian Summer Romance” and Its Influence on Her Latest Collection With Frankies Bikinis

Sydney Sweeney Talks “Italian Summer Romance” and Its Influence on Her Latest Collection With Frankies Bikinis

Sydney Sweeney once again made the news when she partnered with Frankies Bikinis recently. The 25-year-old took over Instagram when she posted a photo of herself modeling the brand’s newest collection. The recent collection is a collaboration between the Euphoria star and the shapewear brand. Most importantly, the inspiration behind this collection is out of this world.

The White Lotus actress worked with the American shapewear brand on a collection that the “Italian Summer Romance” inspired. One of the pieces in the collection looked somewhat like it was inspired by a wedding dress. When the Spokane native was questioned about the Italian reference, she said, “We felt Rome captured and invoked the feelings behind the collection.”

According to Elle magazine, she also talked about the detailing in Italian fashion which is impelled in the pieces of the new collection. The reason behind choosing Rome was that the creators wanted a place where they could work freely and play while also enhancing the intricacies of the objects.

But, this brand campaign was not the only thing the actress participated in while she was in Rome. Surprisingly, the Sharp Objects star was not there just for the Frankies Bikinis shoot, but for her next project.

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Sydney Sweeney killed two birds with one stone during her Rome trip

The Everything Sucks! actress had quite a productive Rome tour for two main reasons. The first was her famous bikini shoot, of course, and the second was the shoot for her upcoming project. Last year, the actress added one more project to her long list of pending ones, called Immaculate.

This psychological thriller was announced in October 2022, and its production began in January this year. She was in Italy for about four months for these two reasons, and she ended up falling in love with the country. She is collaborating with a star, Simon Tabasco, from her hit franchise, The White Lotus. While Sweeney was in the first season of the show, Tabasco rocked it in its second.


Apart from starring as the film’s lead, the 25-year-old is also producing it under her own production banner Fifty-Fifty Films. It is the first film she is producing under her banner. Although the release date of the film has not been finalized yet, Sweeney’s fans are excited about the actress’s role in it.

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