“I grew up on the water”- Sydney Sweeney Reveals the Reason Behind Becoming the Boldface of Frankies Bikinis

“I grew up on the water”- Sydney Sweeney Reveals the Reason Behind Becoming the Boldface of Frankies Bikinis

Summers have only started, and the charismatic bombshell of Hollywood is already heating up the screens. As we recently come across the photos Sydney Sweeney shared on her Instagram, donning the sexiest look of this year. Joining hands with Gen Z’s favorite bikini brand Frankies Bikinis, she posed in the gorgeous silhouettes, lace, and ruffle detailed swimsuits. The Euphoria star looked absolutely ravishing in those pictures, leaving her fans mesmerized. Based on the theme of romance, the first look of this collection will drop on 14 March 2023.

Meanwhile, if you are curious to know more about why the American actress partnered with the LA-based beachwear brand, here is what she said. Sydney Sweeney recently sat down with ELLE to talk about her most iconic celeb collaborations with Francesca Aiello. During this Q&A session, the beautiful actress was asked why she chose to model for a swimwear brand. In her response, the 25-year-old revealed: “I grew up on the water, always running around in a bikini.” 

She continued that she always used to ski in the water and even tried to surf sporting those beach costumes. This is why the Emmy-nominated star wished to do a project that represents her authentic self in the most fashionable way.

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Therefore, when the founder of this lifestyle brand approached Sweeney with the proposal she did it and successfully created “something special”.

No one rocks a bikini quite like Sydney Sweeney

In the past years, fans have got several bikini moments from their beloved actress, Sydney Sweeney. Since the Everything Sucks! star keeps posting some of her pictures donning different ranges of swimwear. From colorful florals to sultry D-ring styles, there is almost nothing the actress hasn’t tried.

Most recently, Sweeney was captured by paparazzi soaking up in the sun alongside her Co-star Glen Powell. In the photos circulated over social media, she was seen in a white bikini filming her latest movie. The Handmaid’s Tale star looked like she was embracing the moment she loves the most, which is splashing around in the water.

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