A ‘The White Lotus’ Team-up! Simona Tabasco Joins Sydney Sweeney to Create a Psychological Horror ‘Immaculate’

A ‘The White Lotus’ Team-up! Simona Tabasco Joins Sydney Sweeney to Create a Psychological Horror ‘Immaculate’

Sydney Sweeney has been working on the projects arguably more than anyone else. With big-budget superhero films like Madame Web and Barbarella, the 25-year-old is also collaborating with her old directors like Michael Mohan, with whom she did The Voyeurs. Last year, the director announced a psychological horror film called Immaculate with the Euphoria actress. Recently, another The White Lotus alum, Simon Tabasco, joined the cast of the film.

While Sweeney nailed it by playing the role of Oliva Mossbacher in the first season of the show, Tabasco joined the cast as Lucia Greco in the second season of The White Lotus. And now the two will share the screen with the Euphoria actress’s Immaculate. At this point, we don’t know in what role Tabasco will take up, but more details may be revealed in the coming months as production proceeds.

Apparently, The White Lotus was Tabasco’s first American TV show; before that, she had only worked in movies. Also, she is not the first one to join the cast after The Voyeurs actress. Alvaro Morte, Benedetta Porcaroli, Dora Romano, and Giorgio Colangeli will also be starring in the film.

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Meanwhile, apart from starring in the lead role in this horror thriller, Sweeney will also be executive producing it under her own banner, ‘Fifty-Fifty films’ along with her fiance, Jonathan Davino. Although the lead producers of the film are Black Bear Pictures. Do you know what this film is all about?

What do we know about Sydney Sweeney in ‘Immaculate’?

Sydney Sweeney will play the role of a woman named Cecilia. She is a devoted Christian who receives an exciting new opportunity at a prestigious Italian convent. She imagines her new residence in the Italian countryside as an idyllic one. However, she soon learns that her new house has some horrifyingly sinister secrets.

The film was announced in October 2022, but the release date has not been announced yet. However, it will be fun to watch the Spokane native in a spooky role. Before working on The Voyuers with Michael Mohan, Sydney Sweeney worked with him on her Netflix debut, Everything Sucks.

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