This ‘Money Heist’ Actor Joins Sydney Sweeney Produced and Starred Upcoming Horror Flick ‘Immaculate’

This ‘Money Heist’ Actor Joins Sydney Sweeney Produced and Starred Upcoming Horror Flick ‘Immaculate’

One of the upcoming Sydney Sweeney projects has got interesting additions. The actress is set to produce and take the lead role in her next spine-chilling horror. While the movie is still in its initial phase, with locations, cast, and other crew being added. Recently, four new actors have joined its cast team, including a famed actor from Netflix’s Money Heist.

The Michael Mohan directorial is expected to be a masterpiece for staging its psychological horror theme, especially with the latest cast members that are set to be part of the film.

So who are the new cast members joining the Sydney Sweeney starrer Immaculate?

Sydney Sweeney’s upcoming project is still in development. While updates from the projects keep flowing occasionally, there has been an exciting addition to the cast. As per Variety, Amanda actress Benedetta Porcaroli will join the cast along with My Brilliant Friend‘s Dora Romano, and Mindemic’s Giorgio Colangeli. With the movie being based in Italy, most of the cast will be of that language. But for fans of Money Heist, the cherry on the top is Álvaro Morte’s addition. He famously played ‘the Professor’ in the series.

While Sweeney will be playing the lead role of Cecelia, the roles of the newly added actors have not been announced yet. The project will be the Euphoria actress’ debut as an executive producer, who will produce the film with Fifty Fifty films, alongside Jonathan Davino. Meanwhile, Black Bear Pictures will fully finance Immaculate, and Dead or Alive’s writer Andrew Lobel will pen this horror flick.

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We have seen these actors in drama movies before, but Immaculate will portray them together in a twisted and dark light with its thrilling story.

What is Sydney Sweeney’s Immaculate all about?

The upcoming horror film will be centered around the character Cecilia played by Sweeney. The young woman is excited about a new role at a prestigious convent in Italy. But the beautiful landscapes of the countryside hide some deep, dark, and ugly truths.

While the film is set to release in 2024, no set date has been announced. While Sweeney already has other handfuls of projects on the list, it will be seen how she fares in this one.

Are you excited to see Euphoria’s Sydney Sweeney team up with Money Heist actor Álvaro Morte? Put your thoughts in the comments.

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