Sydney Sweeney ‘Manifests’ Rome Visit, Shares Glimpses Of Friends She Bumped Into

Sydney Sweeney ‘Manifests’ Rome Visit, Shares Glimpses Of  Friends She Bumped Into

Euphoria actress Sydney Sweeney is currently manifesting her 2023 to its fullest. The star who recently flew to Italy has been living her life in the southwestern Europe and her regular updates into her trip have made it all the more interesting for followers. Sweeney posts in regular intervals sharing with us a glimpse of how her trip has been treating her lately and her latest updates could not have been more wholesome and hilarious. 

Not exaggerating but, what’s better than bumping into random friends on your way to work, that too, in a foreign world. Sweeney just turned out to be lucky on this part to experience the same. 

Whom did Sydney Sweeney share on her stories?

Taking to her Instagram stories a few hours, the White Lotus star shared a wholesome video of her panning her camera into two of her close acquaintances. The caption at the right corner read, “Look who came to see me in Rome,” with two Instagram handles mentioned one after the other. The star was in high spirits as her celebrity pals posed for the camera in the frame. 

One of them was a makeup artist named Melissa Hernandez and celebrity hair stylist Glen Coco Oropeza. The latter has been one of the sought-after personalities ever needed in the room. The story after the first glimpse was followed by a sequence where Hernandez and Oropeza have quietly dozed off owing to the ‘jet lag’ of continuously travelling from one nation to another. 

What is the Rome trip all about?

Sydney Sweeney is reportedly in the Italian Republic to not only shoot but produce a movie. She is currently up on one toe with her works regarding the upcoming psychological horror film, Immaculate. As of now, this is her newest project with Black Bears Production with Michael Mohan on the director’s seat. 

In fact, she is also collaborating with co-producer, David Bernand. This is because their partnership had the biggest hand in making The White Lotus a grand success. HBO’S Emmy Winning producer and the Euphoria actress are still in talks with their other authorities to proceed on further with Immaculate. 

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