How Thinking “really, really hard” Is Taking Sydney Sweeney to Rome

How Thinking “really, really hard” Is Taking Sydney Sweeney to Rome

Before ranting about how the power of manifestation has been blown out of proportion by the Internet, you might want to read what top actress Sydney Sweeney has to say about it. Sydney Sweeney, after her performance in the blockbuster HBO high school series Euphoria, has only been rising higher.

The actress in the past year has been nominated for two Primetime Emmy Awards. Right in toe with her professional achievements, the actress has also made many personal achievements. The case of her becoming the face of Armani for their My Way perfume launch is a beautiful merge of both her personal and professional achievements. And the actress claims to have manifested them all.

Sydney Sweeney reaches another milestone

The Euphoria actress who bounced back into stardom in 2018 after being a child actor has had the same makeup artist for half a decade. “My makeup journey was really rough unit I met her- she changed my life,the actress told Vogue. And the two of them shared a dream together which came true with the launch of the latest Armani perfume.

It actually was a dream of my make-up artist [Melissa Hernandez] and me to work with Armani; since day one, we always said that was our dream,” the Euphoria actor reveals. This is not the only dream that has come forth as a product of her manifestations.

Euphoria actress believes in manifestation magic

Sweeney told Vogue, “I always feel like whatever I say is going to happen,” when asked about what she is manifesting for the New Year. Given how it has already started with a banger, fans are excited to see what more the actress has planned. One of the greatest fruits that Sweeney’s manifestation has borne is an apartment in Rome.

And given how proud she is about it, fans are going to be manifesting a Sydney Sweeney Rome apartment tour very soon.

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After watching her pull every string of madness in Euphoria, her performance in The White Lotus was refreshing and every bit proof of how wonderful of an actor Sweeney is. Apart from her Armani perfume launch, the actress is currently acting in and producing her psychological horror film Immaculate, directed by Michael Mohan.

Do you also believe in the power of manifestation like Sweeney? Let us know in the comments below.

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