SURPRISE! Ryan Reynolds Drops by Toronto College Giving Students a Whammy Amidst a School Project

SURPRISE! Ryan Reynolds Drops by Toronto College Giving Students a Whammy Amidst a School Project

Ryan Reynolds is probably at the peak of his life career. Best known for dropping humorous truth bombs on friends like Hugh Jackman on social media and roasting wife Blake Lively, the star is one of the most humorous actors we have ever seen. However, his love for children and babies also showed when grown-up men like him can not help but gush about their little children at home. We are all aware of how Reynolds is at his best when he goes dad mode. This time not only us but a bunch of others also got to witness the same.


As news reports reveal, the father of four recently gave a huge surprise to his teenage fans at a couple of colleges. Not one, but the Canadian actor graced two learning institutes to catch his young fans off-guard. The event was one of his lifetimes.

Ryan Reynolds encourages students at Toronto, Seneca

The Deadpool star recently graced the Toronto College by taking students with blows as they were in the middle of a science project. Following this, Reynolds also visited Seneca College and met with the faculties of the same. Subjects like communication, art, and design especially amused him as he took a tour of all the labs, studios, and classrooms. A spokesperson on behalf of the CTC News Toronto said, “He met with many students and employees.”


A video of the same is going viral on the internet. A faculty member of the college took to Facebook to share how the Vancouver-born star dropped by a journalism class. The star was dressed in all casuals as he was delivering a speech with a green background. He started off narrating the news clip of Dr. Pholill McGraw and him parting with the daytime talk show. 


Sharing a few more humorous stories and encouraging the students, he got them all hyped up. The crowd was cheering for every sentence made by the Canadian star. He left off apologizing about ruining the entire project, said the video. Lastly, he took to all his social media handles to thank Seneca College, for having him. He wished something like this existed when he was starting out, said Ryan Reynolds.

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