APOLOGIES! Lingerie Brand Regrets Using Ryan Reynolds’ Name While Promoting Their Products

APOLOGIES! Lingerie Brand Regrets Using Ryan Reynolds’ Name While Promoting Their Products

Many brands use celebrities’ names to promote their products and make their advertisements effective. However, sometimes it backfires as well. Recently, a lingerie brand used Ryan Reynolds’ name to promote its products, which creeped people out. However, the company immediately issued a public apology as it backfired.

The world has seen the Deadpool actor promoting his own brand, Mint Mobile, in several advertisements. He also appeared in advertising for campaigns that raise money for various causes. However, this time his name appeared for a different kind of brand. But before the Spirited actor could say anything, the company offered an apology with the explanation.

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Ryan Reynolds gets an apology from a lingerie brand

A lingerie brand named Harper Wilde posted an advertisement with the name of the Canadian actor. The advertisement verbally tried to make the customer feel like Ryan Reynolds was gently holding their breasts up. This is how the company tried to portray the emotions of a bra user.

Following the reviews and reactions of women from all around, Harper Wilde reacted as well. The company issued a public apology by explaining its motive behind the advertisement, reported Independent. They revealed this was a part of a review from their real customer, which they thought of using for a series of reviews. The company also mentioned they have a wide range of women customers. Harper Wilde supports women and works for their comfort as well. While revealing their purpose for being in this business, they also revealed their company has 99% of women staff members.

In a Reddit thread where people were talking about how creepy the advertisement was, Harper Wilde gave out an explanation with a series of other reviews as well. It included reviews from real customers who have used the products of the company. While explaining their action of using the name of the celebrity, the company also emphasized their intentions of not promoting any kinds of wrong ideas about women’s safety.

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Along with the initiative of apologizing to everyone for freaking them out, the company also pulled out the advertisement campaign. While it wasn’t their intention, they cleared it out for the users. Are you aware of the products of the company? What are your thoughts about their advertisement? Share your reviews with us in the comment box below.

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