Ryan Reynolds Once Secretly Voiced a Character in McDonald’s Super Bowl Commercial Featuring Kanye West

Ryan Reynolds Once Secretly Voiced a Character in McDonald’s Super Bowl Commercial Featuring Kanye West

Now, who could forget McDonald’s epic Superbowl advertisement? But maybe we missed Ryan Reynolds being present in it. The ad would remind you of yourself trying to pick a meal at a McDonald’s outlet, anywhere around the world. Yes, we love the Superbowl for the game, the excitement, and the sheer scale of the season’s promotion. The love for the game is almost like a festival or a tradition that is watched with loved ones while munching on something like a happy meal.

Apparently, Superbowl ads cost around about $6.5-7 million dollars in 2022. Some of the other Superbowl ads during the year were Lay’s Golden Memories featuring Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen, BMW featuring Salma Hayek and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Uber Eats featuring Gwyneth Paltrow and Trevor Noah. Talk about big names! McDonald’s uber-cool advertisement starred Kanye West and also included Twitch streamer, Edwin Castro, with a contribution from Reynolds.

When Ryan Reynolds and Kanye West were part of a SuperBowl ad

The SuperBowl ads are known for being unique, and McDonald made sure to maintain the standard by simply connecting to the audience in the edgiest way. The 6 Underground hero was a source of it too. You did not see him because he was to be heard, not seen. The ad has McDonald’s blue Mascot Grimace who just utters ‘uhhh’ in the advertisement. All the while the Mascot struggles to decide between two burgers. The ‘blink and miss’ moment may be tiny, but the mega food chain made sure their mascot would be represented well.


Throughout the ad, you see different people, from an F1 driver to a group of friends, a fish, and Even Kanye West going ‘uhhhhh,’ deciding on which McDonald’s happy meal to choose. This was confirmed by Ryan Reynolds himself in a reply to his own American Aviation Gin brand. The Gin brand’s Twitter page replied to McDonald’s post of their SuperBowl commercial while hinting that Grimace’s voice sounds familiar to a Canadian McRiblet.

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The Free Guy replied,Yes. Confirmed. It’s called range”. But the interesting back and forth did not end there. McDonald went a step ahead and replied to Ryan’s comment asking, “Where do you keep your Grimace suit.” The fun banter between the comedian and the burger chain makes one wonder. How would it be to see more collaborations of Reynolds with beloved McDonald’s in their future advertisements? Let us know your take in the comments.

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