‘Stranger Things’ Writers Share the Emotional Will, Mike, and Jonathan’s Van Scene’s Raw Script

‘Stranger Things’ Writers Share the Emotional Will, Mike, and Jonathan’s Van Scene’s Raw Script

Stranger Things season 4 left a lot of things unrevealed. One of the major of them is the sexuality of Will Byers. This has been the subject of discussion among the fans for quite some time now. Since the beginning of the series, fans have been wondering whether Byers will ever come out to his friends. Fans were particularly insistent that Will reveal his emotions to his closest buddy Mike Wheeler as has been speculated, and convinced that the writers were dodging the issue. But we have brought amazing news that will cheer you up!

The screenplay for that particular sequence was graciously made available by the consistently active Stranger Things writers’ room on Twitter. And really, it’s just as heart-wrenching in print as it was on screen. Let’s show you what the Tweet was all about and the original screenplay that’s been posted.

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Will Byers’ performance will leave you in tears

Fans watched Mike take apart a painting Will made but hasn’t shown his best friend because he’s too embarrassed. The script makes sure to say that the painting is wrinkly, tightly rolled, and tied with twine. That’s because it was kept a secret since the first episode of Season 4. The painting shows their group of friends fighting a scary dragon, with Mike in the lead and a bright red heart on his armor.

Will says that Mike has always been the heart of their group. Moreover, he uses El to talk about how he feels about Mike. At this point, the Duffer Brothers realize how important it is that Will’s older brother Jonathan is listening and looking on helplessly from the rearview mirror.

Writers made Will express his feelings indirectly

With Jonathan translating the conversation for the audience, Will continues to talk about how he feels about Mike through El. He lets out all of his feelings without hurting his friendship with Mike. Will goes on to say that maybe Eleven moved away from Mike because she was so afraid of losing what they had.

He says that if the loss was inevitable, she had to do it quickly, like ripping off a Band-Aid. Then, just as it says in the script, Mike’s worries start to go away, and he smiles down at the painting, comforted by what his best friend said. In the script, Will was supposed to turn away and become “melancholy.”

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Stranger Things writers’ room is full of surprises

Since the last heartbreaking episode of Season 4 of Stranger Things, fans have turned to the internet for comfort. They are looking for details to back up their theories and read fanfiction to fill the time between seasons. The official Stranger Things writers’ room account on Twitter may have been the best thing that could have happened. The writers’ rooms are the real MVPs. They let fans see Joseph Quinn practicing his sick Metallica solo behind the scenes, shut down conspiracy theories and scams immediately, and keep fans up-to-date on when they’re returning to the drawing boards.

In fact, their loyal fans were being used to get leaked scenes, so the writers promised to post new scenes every week for free, and they’re taking requests.

The van/car scene was amazingly written and brilliantly performed. Do you think Mike will ever be able to understand Will’s feelings? And if he does, will he reciprocate? Do let us know in the comments.

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