Is Mike Wheeler In Love With Will Byers? Fans Debate on Hidden Clues and Feelings

Is Mike Wheeler In Love With Will Byers? Fans Debate on Hidden Clues and Feelings

Stranger Things season 4 ended by leaving a lot of cliffhangers behind. Some of them are: will Max wake up from her coma? Is doctor Sam Owens alive? Will Nancy pick Jonathan or Steve? But rest of all, the biggest question is-is Will Gay, and does Mike know it? The sexuality of Will Byers has been a topic of discussion for a long time. However, Will hasn’t officially come out for the show. Recently, a fan tweeted something on Twitter that has started a new debate on Will Byers’ sexuality. Let’s see what he said.

What is the sexuality of Will Byers?

It was clearly visible in the show’s fourth season that Will had been so much in love with Mike. However, this couldn’t be claimed until Will said it himself. The makers pretty much left it to the interpretation of the audience. Recently, the actor who plays Will, Noah Schnapp, confirmed in an interview with Variety that Will is gay. On the other hand, Mike was constantly putting forth efforts to save his relationship with Eleven, he almost couldn’t see Will’s feelings for him.

The actor said, “Now it’s 100% clear that he is gay and he does love Mike. But before, it was a slow arc. I think it is done so beautifully because it’s so easy to make a character just like all of a sudden be gay.”

What are the fans saying?

Now, some fans on the internet are seen to be claiming something totally opposite. Let’s show you what that is.

A viewer tweeted this, and there was a debate started on Twitter.

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However, some fans didn’t seem to agree with this Mike-Will theory and said it was forced.

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What is your opinion on this Mike-Will theory? Do you think something could or should happen between the two of them? Let us know in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “Is Mike Wheeler In Love With Will Byers? Fans Debate on Hidden Clues and Feelings

  1. Reply
    July 21, 2022 at 12:30 am

    Oh, Mike’s definitely in love with Will. Sadly, he’s dealing with a huge amount of internalised homophobia… which he has yet to overcome. I have faith in him, though.

  2. Reply
    October 21, 2022 at 11:42 pm

    No he’s not you’re obviously another byler fan who’s a girl who has a fetish for byler.

  3. Reply
    December 18, 2022 at 3:12 am

    Yep, he’s definitely in love with will.
    There’s been MORE than enough evidence and staring and everything to prove it.

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