‘Stranger Things’’ Steve Harrington Found at the ‘Outer Banks’? How Chase Stokes Failed the ‘Stranger Things’ Auditions

‘Stranger Things’’ Steve Harrington Found at the ‘Outer Banks’? How Chase Stokes Failed the ‘Stranger Things’ Auditions

Chase Stokes is so phenomenal in his portrayal of John Routledge in Outer Banks that the thought of him playing anything other than the clan leader in the Netflix drama sounds absolutely bizarre. However, if prompted. Stokes’ brown eyes, hair, and gentle features are spot on for Steve Harrington’s role in Stranger Things. The actor was actually one of the main choices, apart from Joe Keery for playing Harrington.

Stokes, who is currently gearing up for the release of another Outer Banks season, recounted a failed audition that could have changed the direction of his entire career.

How did Chase Stokes end up losing Stranger Things?

Stokes is more than happy with how his career has shaped up thanks to Outer Banks. However, an interesting detail about the 30-year-old actor has surfaced on the internet. Stokes had auditioned for a much bigger Stranger Things role than he ended up getting in Chapter 6: The Monster. He had auditioned for the role of Steve Harrington. In an interview with Access Hollywood, the actor revealed that he “forgot all the lines and absolutely effed up the audition,” during the audition.

Although fans had not noticed earlier, as soon as the actor confessed about the failed audition, the resemblance to Steve Harrington became starkly clear. He further added that it was not something that he could easily shake off and beat himself up for it all the way from Orlando to Atlanta.

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The casting of Stranger Things has always been a subject of interest, especially after the success of the series. And both Stokes and Joe Keery have so brilliantly fitted themselves in their respective roles, it is hard to imagine one playing the other. And with the unique and successful runs that both the shows have had, the actors wouldn’t trade it for a thing.

How Duffer Brothers gave Outer Banks its John Routledge

After the disaster that his Stranger Things audition turned out to be, Stokes did not lose hope and went to several other auditions. And finally found a match in the protagonist of Outer Banks. However, it would not have been possible without the Duffer Brothers.

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Although he was not cast as Steve Harrington, the producers made room for him to play a small part in Chapter 6: The Monster. Despite being short, the role was enough to showcase his acting abilities. And Chase Stokes couldn’t be any more grateful to the Stranger Things creators.

Who would you have chosen between Chase Stokes and Joe Keery to play Steve Harrington? Let us know in the comments below.

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