‘Stranger Things’ Star Lands a Critics Choice Nomination for a Major Category and It’s Not Millie Bobby Brown

‘Stranger Things’ Star Lands a Critics Choice Nomination for a Major Category and It’s Not Millie Bobby Brown

Fans were enraged when the nomination list for the Golden Globes 2023 came out, since they hoped that the critically acclaimed show Stranger Things will get a seat on the table this time. The Netflix series has been recognized as one of the most iconic creations watched widely around the globe. Unfortunately, even this huge popularity didn’t work and the supernatural drama failed to secure any nominations at this prestigious ceremony. It was certainly disappointing for the fandom, who constantly follows this nostalgic depiction of 80s pop culture. However, this time there is good news for fans as their favorite ones are finally getting recognition for their work at Critics Choice Super Awards.

And Millie Bobby Brown is out of the frame if you are wondering who is leading nominations this time. Can you guess who beats the young superstar for such a huge honor?

Stranger Things star nab nomination at the 2023 Critics Choice Super Awards

According to the announcement made by Critics Choice on February 22, Jamie Campbell Bower has received a nomination for his role in Stranger Things. The British actor is running under the category of Best Villain in a Series, Limited Series or Made-For-TV-Movie.

Other nominees include Ethan Hawke (Moon Knight), Brad Dourif (Chucky), Matt Smith (House of the Dragon), Hayden Christensen (Obi-Wan Kenobi), Antony Starr (The Boys), Michael Emerson (Evil), and Harriet Sansom Harris (Werewolf By Night).

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Moreover, the Netflix series has also landed a nomination for the Best Science Fiction/Fantasy Series category.

Jamie Campbell Bower is the most authentic incarnation of Vecna 

There are several cast members of Stranger Things who gave remarkable performances in season 4. This includes the 34-year-old star who transformed himself into a gnarly villain attacking the fragile minds of human beings. Viewers discovered that Vecna was the sorcerer behind all the supernatural attacks that took place in the last seasons.

From vocals to make-up, the American actor put a lot of effort into embodying this bad guy in the show. In his interview with Hollywood Reporters, he revealed how the whole latex costume and makeup took about 12 hours daily. Did you know that this fearsome creature did not only terrify the viewers onscreen, but also his co-stars on the set? Millie Bobby Brown was terrified when she saw Bower in the Vecna costume.

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Will Jamie Campbell Bower take home this award? Drop your views in the comments below.

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