Fan Casts David Duchovny as Steve Harrington’s Father in ‘Stranger Things’, Leaves Writers With Minds Blown

Fan Casts David Duchovny as Steve Harrington’s Father in ‘Stranger Things’, Leaves Writers With Minds Blown

Fans are highly anticipating the last season of Stranger Things. Filming has not begun yet, and literally, nothing about the show’s fifth and final season has been revealed. The Duffer brothers are keeping really tight-lipped about it. While the show ended on a huge cliffhanger last season – Vecna survived and Max was left brain dead, for some fans that are not the biggest mysteries.

The show has introduced the fans to the family of all the Hawkins kids, except for one. The creators have always shied away from revealing too much about Steve Harrington’s family. We know next to nothing about his parents and fans have now already decided who they want to portray his dad in the show! 

A fan wants David Duchovny to join Stranger Things

Fan favorite Steve Harrington had amazing character development throughout the four seasons. However, the Stranger Things writers have seemed to forget to introduce his parents. So a viewer has made it easier for them to cast someone for the role. A fan created a collage of David Duchovny, the star of Californication, and Harrington. The art has just blown away the writers with how convincing the casting is! 

They share uncanny similarities with each other. From their high nose bridge to their squared jawline, they do look like a father-son duo. Not to mention the glorious hair that both of them have. If the first photo was not convincing enough, the second is where both of them are sporting reading glasses. 

If the writers do include Harrington’s parents in the narrative, it would certainly add more depth to the character. 

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Harrington was never meant to make it alive past season 1

The official babysitter of the group, who initially started out as a mean bully, was never meant to make it past the first season. The Duffer brothers had planned to kill off his character, but Joe Keery was too charismatic and they loved him in the role too much to let his characters die. So they wrote him in and introduced a character transformation for Harrington. Even Shawn Levy is a self-confessed fan of the character. He had previously threatened to walk off the project if the writers even touch his hair!

Do you think David Duchovny can play Steve Harrington’s dad? Drop your views in the comments below. 

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