Stranger Things Star Millie Bobby Brown Grooves on Noah Schnapp’s Savior Song for Vecna and Fans Can’t Stop Memeing

Stranger Things Star Millie Bobby Brown Grooves on Noah Schnapp’s Savior Song for Vecna and Fans Can’t Stop Memeing

It’s never too late to hop on a trend. Millie Bobby Brown has just dropped her sizzling moves on the Cardi B single, WAP and we think we just got a nose bleed.  Stranger Things has attained worldwide fame and recognition after grabbing the coveted role of Eleven in the Duffer brother’s show. Playing the role of a child with supernatural abilities, she garnered huge acclaim for her acting. The 18-year-old is now a mega star with a cosmetic brand of her own. Since starring in two Godzilla movies, the actress has returned to Netflix’s sci-fi show to reprise her role as Eleven. 

Millie Bobby Brown does the Wap challenge 

The girl is just brimming with talent. She doesn’t only have the acting chops, but it seems she got some moves as well. In this hilarious video clip, we see Millie Bobby Brown still in her Hawkin’s lab suit pulling some major dance moves to Cardi B’s song. It’s weird to see Eleven, the girl that doesn’t really talk much, dance the provocative Wap. We can only imagine Mike getting embarrassed and Hopper telling her that she isn’t getting any more Eggos!

Her friend, Noah Schnapp would definitely approve of her dance. After all, the actor had mentioned that WAP is the song to break Vecna’s curse for him. Here’s how her fans are reacting:

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Will her character Eleven regain her powers in time to save her friends? 

The Stranger Things Volume 2 trailer didn’t drop any new hints about Eleven getting back her powers. But we see Brenner warn her that she’s quite ready yet to face the threat that’s looming over her friends in Hawkins. We also catch a glimpse of Eleven in the hellscape staring up at Vecna. So we know for sure that a final showdown between the two telekinetic beings is sure to happen. Volume 1 revealed Eleven’s fight with Vecna, then One where she emerged victorious. It was her that sent him to the Upside Down. But can a powerless Eleven stand up to this vengeful Vecna? 

Wait till July 1 to get all your answers. 

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