Shooting Hoops Or D&D, Fans Pick Their Favorite Stranger Things Activity For A Friday Night

Shooting Hoops Or D&D, Fans Pick Their Favorite Stranger Things Activity For A Friday Night

Stranger Things holds far more importance in the lives of viewers these days as it is becoming the source of inspiration for people. Every character holds a special place in fans’ hearts and they keep on bringing exciting things on social media for people to enjoy. They follow threads of the storyline so deeply they have become entirely engaged with the show. Including games and activities the character does. Fans are tweeting endlessly about which option they will take and there is certainly a tight contest between favorites. 

How does a new post on the Stranger Things Twitter page made fans go crazy?

Since the first episode of Stranger Things, we have seen how madly the characters were in love with D&D games. Each character chooses their name and follows the rules of the game strictly. And they were obsessed with it even when they are teenagers as we see Mike and Dustin joining the “Hellfire Club”. And the Monopoly board game in season 4 which people played with dedication.

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These games added spark to the characters’ life however, the series is an adventure itself. And now fans are following their steps as the official page of Stranger Things, posted something amazing for fans. They asked fans to choose a favorite character whom they wish to go out with on a Friday evening. Including what activity or game they would like to play with them. Lucas, Steve, Robin, and Eddie were on the list of choices. 

Fans wish to spend the weekend evening with their favorite characters

After the post came out fans went all crazy, imagining what if they get lucky to be with their favorites for an evening. And now Twitter is bursting with comments, and people are picking Steve and Robin as their Friday night partners. Although we know that there is no end to Steve’s popularity amongst fans. But Harrington has proved this again as people are choosing him again and again.

The babysitter has enamored the fans with idea that they can have a movie night with him. And who wouldn’t wanna go on a movie date with this handsome boy? As you see fans are in love with him deeply!

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On the other hand, there is a head-to-head fight for our Robin on Twitter. Fans are choosing our spirited character in this ongoing race. And she is one of the leading choices of fans as they are ready to explore anything new with her.

While we have got the due on the top list who would you choose to hang out with? Are you a Steve fan or Robin? Tell us in the comment!

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