‘Stranger Things’ Season 4: Netflix Drops a Familiar Sick Beat and an Equally Dope Video – What Could It Mean?

‘Stranger Things’ Season 4: Netflix Drops a Familiar Sick Beat and an Equally Dope Video – What Could It Mean?

Netflix made us wait for three long years and hasn’t taken mercy on us yet. The streamer knows what the fans want, but isn’t ready to give it to them. Instead, it is only teasing us with a montage of footage from all the previous seasons set to the tune of the show’s familiar theme. Netflix is surely announcing the arrival of Stranger Things season 4 with this update on Twitter! But is there more to it?

Netflix teases fans with a new Stranger Things clip

The theme is enough to get us all excited because although the series hasn’t dropped yet, we feel like the adventure is to begin soon! Captioned “song of the summer incoming“, the video starts with Hopper putting on a Stranger Things record and explaining to Eleven way back in season 1 that this is music. It is rare for Hopper to appear so giddy, but he vibes to the music. The rest of the characters do that as well.

The video is also a nice throwback to all that has happened so far. We see Nancy and Steve at a party when they were still dating and the kids attending the snowball prom party from season 2. But somehow it feels like Netflix is telling us that the good times are over, and it is only going to get darker from here. Natalie Dyer has already confirmed to W Magazine, “It’s bigger, it’s darker, and it’s gonna be great.” 

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Fan reactions to the clip

Fans had some hilarious reactions to the update: 

Stranger Things season 4 leans more into horror 

Since the kids have all grown up now, the Duffer Brothers made a creative decision to shift the tone to horror. This season is also going to be longer than the previous ones, containing 9 episodes in total. 

Last season ended with Hopper sacrificing himself, Eleven losing her powers, and the Byers moving to the West. But it is not a secret anymore, Hopper is very much alive although maybe in a dire situation. What happened to him? And what is the big bad secret that is about to threaten Hawkins? You’ll get all these answers when Stranger Things season 4 premiers on May 27. The second batch of episodes will arrive on July 1.

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