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Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown Compares 1980s California And Indiana, Finn Wolfhard Said “It’s like we’re filming a completely different show”

Stranger Things queen Millie Bobby Brown aka Eleven came to the annual festival of Netflix to share her views on season 4.  Season 4 volume 1 came with unimaginable surprises and Eleven moving to California was one of them. Netflix event Geeked Week 2022 scheduled a panel for the cast and creators so that they can break down the aftermath of season 4 for viewers. Members of Stranger Things sat down with Felicia Day to share the ideas behind this season. Among things discussed was the change in locations for the latest season and our Eleven had some things to say.

Millie Bobby Brown gave her opinion about switched locations in Stranger Things 4

Netflix launched the After Show Spoiler of Stranger Things on 9 June on its Still Watching Netflix YouTube channel. The 40-plus-minute video discussed several things about the show and its season 4. The new locations for the season also became a topic of discussion. This is when Millie expressed her thoughts about the addition of new locations in the forever kingdom of Hawkins, Indiana. Hawkins has always been a hotspot for extraterrestrial entities which characters were very much fond of. It had a homie vibe with houses, buildings, streets, and roads crowded with townspeople. In contrast, California seemed isolated, filled with incredible heat and desert as far as one could see.

Millie also added that actors including Finn Wolfhard felt that 1980s California is entirely different in comparison to Hawkins. This place gave an abandoned feeling that characters wanted to escape, as Hawkins is a much lively city.

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Change of surroundings was a huge struggle for the character also in Stranger Things 4

It is crystal clear in volume 1 that Eleven and Will were failing to cope with their new surroundings. They have never been away from Hawkins before. But sunny California gave a disintegrating feeling to Eleven as she had no powers. There was only desert all around and bullies, who weren’t giving Eleven space to breathe freely. Will was also depressed after parting from his Dungeons and Dragons gang.

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Despite the drawbacks that new locations brought for characters, there was a better side to it. The cast members believed that this division gave the characters opportunities for development and growth in season 4.

Do let us know your views on the new places added to the show!

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  • I'm a product of 80's California and , while the writers may have wanted to give the impression of desolation, it was anything but. Suburban sprawl. Malls, beaches. And yes, roller rinks..but not desolation by any means. Fun 80s style.