“Something that you go oui oui”: Millie Bobby Brown Hilariously Describes a Demogorgon Playset to Jimmy Fallon and Wins Box of Lies

“Something that you go oui oui”: Millie Bobby Brown Hilariously Describes a Demogorgon Playset to Jimmy Fallon and Wins Box of Lies

Stranger Things Volume 1 with seven episodes has dropped on Netflix and it has already broken records to become the number 1 Netflix show to have the biggest premiere weekend. It has already raced ahead of Disney’s Obi-Wan Kenobi in the streaming war. Riding high on popularity, Millie Bobby Brown who essays Eleven on the show guested on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. She played Box of Lies with Jimmy and gave the fans hilarious moments from the segment, particularly the segment with a Demogorgon play set!

In the game of Box of Lies, the players have to describe the content of the mystery box to their opponents. They can either lie or tell the truth. 

Millie Bobby Brown confuses Jimmy Fallon with her description of a Demogorgon play set

Millie Bobby Brown’s first mystery box contained a Demogorgon play set and while the actress tried her very best to describe it to Jimmy, he just got even more confused. It was a toy Demogorgon painting an E.T with the Florence by Mills’ eye-shadow palette. The content was so weird that Jimmy was convinced Millie was lying. He even cross-checked her knowledge on her E.T knowledge.


Millie insisted it was a toy, even describing it as “something that you go oui oui”! It was hilarious when a frustrated Millie asked Jimmy whether he had any kids. 

However, Jimmy still called out Millie for lying when, in fact, she was honest all along. 

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Can Millie’s Eleven stand-off Vecna and save Nancy from his thrall in Volume 2?

Millie Bobby Brown shot to fame with her portrayal of Eleven on Stranger Things, a kid with fewer words and telekinetic powers. A shocking twist at the end of season 7of Stranger Things revealed Vecna’s link with Eleven. Vecna was 001 and Eleven previously won the fight with him, banishing him to the Upside Down. But we still don’t know whether or not that experiment will bring her powers back. She needs it more than anything to save her friends now.

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