“I love it so much”: When Young Millie Bobby Brown Was Obsessed With Miley Cyrus’ Song

“I love it so much”: When Young Millie Bobby Brown Was Obsessed With Miley Cyrus’ Song

Millie Bobby Brown is the sensational superstar of the Gen Z era. Ever since Stranger Things 4 dropped on Netflix, it has been a whole different vibe for the fandom. While enjoying the season, fans must have surely realized that music plays an important part in the show. The synthesizing, bleep blop and retro wave music used in the show literally brought our characters back from hell. Speaking of Eleven, music was also an integrated part of her life too.

Or at least it was for Millie. The British actor really seems to be fascinated with electronic jazz-rock music. The star has been repeatedly seen either vibing to Ariana Grande’s Seven Rings or singing Lady Gaga and Dua Lipa with her friends. Even as a child when normal girls preferred smooth and soft music, Millie was obsessed with a singer with a distinctive raspy, and rock voice. Here’s a major throwback to her childhood days when she revealed who her favorite singer was.

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Millie Bobby Brown loves Hannah Montana

During her Variety cover shoot, the host asked 14 years old Millie to choose her top favorites of that time. She answered some of the interesting questions like her favorite movie from the 80s, shows she would like to be in, and so on.

Upon being asked about which song is she currently hooked on, Millie answered, “Miley Cyrus’ (then) new track, Malibu.” The star also rapped a couple of lines from the track on request and we must tell you, she looked adorable. She really loved the artist as a child. “Oh my God I love this so much,” she added.

Ever since she was a kid, Millie Bobby Brown has always been fond of singing. All the cast members have showcased their vocal skills, repeatedly. Fans even created a hypothetical band for them where they made various cast members the experts of different aspects of a band.

Her famous rap cover on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon still remains a masterpiece to this day. No doubt Millie has got a vast and enriched career as an actress to take care of, her side hobbies redefine her in ways we can not even think of.

We certainly love Brown when she sings, acts, and does all these different things. What about you? What do you think about her singing skills? Meanwhile, catch Brown on Netflix’s Enola Holmes 2 and Stranger Things.

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