“Stop lying to yourself”: Fans Defend Millie Bobby Brown, Complain She Was Robbed Of Emmy

“Stop lying to yourself”: Fans Defend Millie Bobby Brown, Complain She Was Robbed Of Emmy

Millie Bobby Brown has evolved into a stunning actress with every passing year of Stranger Things. Starting from season 1, this young girl won everyone’s heart. Not only the followers of the series but the Duffer Brothers and her co-actors also love her. The creators themselves said that Millie had the potential in her to bring Eleven’s confined role to life.

However, haters always find a way to demean someone’s talent for their fun, so they say things about these artists that don’t even have a solid ground. But no matter what haters say, Millie’s true fans are always there to defend her. Now, fans believe that the actress did not get recognition for her contribution to Stranger Things. And unsurprisingly, the Emmy awards and Brown not winning one are also pulled into this discussion.

There is a war of vindication going on Twitter for Millie Bobby Brown

After being selected for the central role of Eleven in Stranger Things, Millie instantly became popular among people because her acting has always reflected uniqueness blended with authenticity. Millie embodied the kid with psychokinetic powers so remarkably despite difficulties that fans became enamored with the character. From sympathetic posts on social media to comments on Twitter fans have always shown their love for Brown.

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For instance, in a recent post on Twitter, a fan was speaking on Brown’s behalf regarding some comment on her being a bad actress. The post stated that haters do say nonsensical things about Millie. But saying that she is a bad actress is unacceptable to her true fans. The fans remarked “stop lying to yourself” to haters and that they should respect someone’s dedication and talent.

Fans come together to defend their favorite Stranger Things actress

Twitter is flooding with justifying comments as fans are standing up together to defend Millie.

One fan replied that Millie is one of the best actors on the show.

Meanwhile, another fan stated in the comment chain that she is the best among young actors in Stranger Things.

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Moreover, a fan posted the letter scene from season 3 to show Brown’s acting range. Undoubtedly, this scene had fans shedding a tear or many.

Whereas one fan said that this stupendous actress has been robbed of her rightful honor for this season.

It is an undeniable fact that Millie Bobby Brown is a remarkable young actress who reigned over millions of hearts from the moment she stepped into the supernatural world of Stranger Things. Fortunately for us, we can see more of her acting range on July when volume 2 of season 4 drops.

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