Millie Bobby Brown Wants To Be THIS Sea Animal for the Most Hilarious and Lazy Reason

Millie Bobby Brown Wants To Be THIS Sea Animal for the Most Hilarious and Lazy Reason

Millie Bobby Brown is easily one of the most well-known actors working today. Thanks to Netflix’s Stranger Things, her shoot to stardom has certainly helped her make history. But apart from her huge fandom and success, Millie is also one the most relatable individuals, which adds to her immense popularity.

The highly famous actress never lets go of an opportunity to show her fans that, deep down, she is just like everyone else. And now, in her new interview, Millie has once again proven that, like all of us, she loves lazing around and spending time with her friends.

She also let us know her favorite animal that shares her level of interest in spending time doing nothing.

So let us find out which animal Millie relates to most.

Which animal does Millie Bobby Brown want to be?

There are nothing fans of a celebrity love more than knowing their celebrities in a more personal way. To know what your favorite actor or actress loves makes fans get to know them as a person.

Previously Millie shared how much she loved coffee and even gave a reason for doing so. And now, in a new interview, the Stranger Things actress revealed the animal she wants to be.

In her newest Coffee Chats for her beauty cosmetic brand Florence, Millie Bobby Brown took a rapid-fire question, each revealing something new about the actress.

In one such question, the Enola Holmes actress was asked which animal she most relates to and would want to be one. And Millie instantly answered that she would love to be a Humpback whale.

The actress stated the reason for her answer as “usually humpback whales just sit around all day with their girlfriends and eat food, and by sit, I mean float.”

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It certainly is an interesting choice and the reasoning given by Millie makes it even more hilarious. Millie even has stated that her spirit animal is an Orca which is also commonly called killer whale.

What do you guys think about Millie’s choice of favorite animal? Feel free to share which animal you love the most with us in the comments below.


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