Steve Harrington Won’t Die In ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Volume 2 Or Season 5 Because Of Shawn Levy

Steve Harrington Won’t Die In ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Volume 2 Or Season 5 Because Of Shawn Levy

Steve Harrington’s character in Stranger Things has always been an example of people who have kindness residing in their hearts. Even if the outer look is tough! While Steve Harrington was meant to die in season 1, creators were so enamored by him that they let him be a part of the show. Joe Keery has truly taken an irreplaceable corner in the heart of his fans as we see his fame on social media too. And so, we won’t see his death anytime soon.

Steve Harrington: The charismatic and brave babysitter of Stranger Things

In season 1, the audience saw the stubborn side of Steve, who played an antagonist in the beginning. However, his change of heart transformed his whole presentation on the show and fans started liking him a lot. Especially, when he apologized for his former mistakes and turned out to be a savior whenever the Hawkins gang was seen in trouble.

And after the passing of 4 seasons, he has become an ally with kids, entitled as the “Babysitter”. This was mainly because he was always available to help these kids and became a major figure in their battles with supernatural entities.

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In addition, in season 3, we saw his strong bond with Dustin and they both spend a great deal of time together. The pretty boy looked even more compassionate in the latest season as he put himself in grave danger to save others. 

Shawn Levy revealed the timeline of Steve Harrington’s character in Stranger Things

Fans have always been concerned about what will happen to Steve in Stranger Things. Will he die in the upcoming seasons? Or will he stand tall till the closure? Subsequently, co-producer Shawn Levy came forward to discuss Steve’s place in the show. He expressed how much he adores the character of Steve and that he is an inseparable part of Stranger Things

“Honestly, the day Steve Harrington dies is the day I walk off this show,” stated Shawn Levy in his interview with TVLine.

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Moreover, he said there would be no hope for others to survive if he is not there. Since they cannot abandon such a father figure from the show, “Steve is safe” and that viewers need not worry about their beloved character in Stranger Things‘ upcoming seasons. Are you as excited abs relieved as us hearing this?

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