“Spy grinder for spy weed”: Ryan Gosling Attempts Spy Quiz After Playing Sierra Six in ‘The Gray Man’

“Spy grinder for spy weed”: Ryan Gosling Attempts Spy Quiz After Playing Sierra Six in ‘The Gray Man’

People have multiple things to say about Netflix’s high-action-driven film The Gray Man. Some loved the action sequences of the movie, while others felt that it was the only thing it had to offer. But no matter what your opinion is on the film, one thing that everyone agrees on is that Ryan Gosling was the highlight of the film. Ryan’s ability to take on the character is unparalleled in the industry. The way he portrayed Sierra Six was a delight to watch, and with more films en route, it shall be even more interesting to see what the actor does with the character in the future.

But meanwhile, we get more Ryan content. Why not watch the Canadian actor take some hilarious guesses on his knowledge from the film?

Ryan successfully fails The Gray Man spy quiz

We all have been a fan of spy films. Every spy film brought with it new gadgets for us to marvel at. Spy films have erased the boundary between imaginary and reality, from exploding pens to flying cars. And The Gray Man is no exception. The film had great action, including a lot of cool gadgets. And now, to celebrate the movie doing exceedingly well on Netflix, the heartthrob of the film Ryan Gosling took a spy gadget quiz. Ryan’s answers were not correct but a whole lot of fun.

Apparently, Ryan had a theme while answering all the questions, and it was: Weed. Every answer that he gave as to what the gadget could be was related to weed in one way or another, and it has us all in splits. It might be Ryan’s amazing seen of humor or just the surreal nature of the gadgets, but the video is just hilarious.

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For example, to begin with the quiz Gosling is shown the picture of a manual decipherer used to decipher messages. Ryan calls it a “Spy grinder for spy weed.” What follows are equally funny answers for all the gadgets.

Did you guys love Ryan in The Gray Man? Let us know in the comments if you did and you haven’t seen the film go watch it on Netflix.

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